First Peters+Chen Campaign

Intro to the Laughing Elf

The Laughing Elf

This takes place after killing the mad poisoner Oojishoo and the grey ooze.

As you are enjoying the completion of a fine adventure and spending some treasure at a local pub, a man in brown wizard’s robes enters. He spies the group and approaches you. Finally you recognize him as the wizard who met you at the sky castle and offered to introduce you to Lord Korbold to sell the maps.
“How is the adventuring, my new friends?” He makes small talk for a little bit then announces, “I may have an interesting proposition for you. There’s someone I want you to meet. Can you meet me at this address tomorrow morning?” He hands you a business card with a local address. His name is Serilio Oas. (An Int/Knowledge check of 20 will let the characters remember that the address is for the local wizard’s guild.)
When you arrive at the address, you are let in and shown to a small meeting room. Serilio is there with a half-elf dressed in a green blazer and white pants. He wears a dangly feather earring. He has a scimitar on his right hip and a bone-handled blade on his left. Serilio introduces him as Captain Venrik Alabenda of the ship the Laughing Elf.

Venrik explains that he had come to town to trade maps with Lord Korbold. He appreciated the maps that the party had found and wanted to meet them. He then brings out a rolled-up scroll. “I found this map among some other maps that I had traded for in Salavar City, my home port. I have been intrigued about it for many months but finally realized that there was something I could do about it.” He hands over the scroll for examination. After letting the party examine its contents, he continues, “I believe I can find this island, even with this scant description. What I can’t do is explore this island and leave my ship in the hands of my first mate. She is capable, but we don’t have the crew for a full expedition and to protect the ship. What I need is an adventuring and exploring party.”


you should do this for evrything.

Intro to the Laughing Elf

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