First Peters+Chen Campaign

Delving into Thracia


Jack, Argetlam, and Rosealina rendezvous with Lisast and Wyrda and they all proceed to the prisoner’s village. After some negotiation, they exchange the prisoner for Lisast’s sword. After some discussion, the villagers agree to give them some pendants to mark them as friends and guide them to the entrance to the underground complex.

The party walks through some caverns of bat guano. They battle some lizardfolk in one room. After passing through a secret door, they finish off a contingent of gnoll guards. Finding another secret door, they pass through it only to find themselves in a dark room with burning incense and dead bodies. Rosealina collapses from the incense, and the others rush to put out the burning incense. Jack saves the day by putting out the last burner when everyone else has passed out. While inspecting the bodies, one of them turns out to be a wight, which they easily dispatch.

The group must decide whether to take the door to the north or the door to the south. They decide to take neither when they discover yet another secret door to the south. Through it they encounter an ancient priest waking from a long magical sleep. The situation gets tense as he challenges the party. After he casts a language spell, he interrogates them and demands to be taken to the high priest. The party agrees, and the high priest of the village is awed by the man’s presence. They are given healing and much food.



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